office space diagramDesign & Space Planning

Whether you’re renovating existing space or planning new construction, our interior design staff offers aesthetic advice that incorporates work habits, clientele, branding and productivity needs into your furniture selection.

  • Understand your vision and needs for your new space
  • 2-D & 3D layouts for visualization
  • Selection of office furniture to fit within your budget
  • Assistance with selection of flooring products and wall colors
  • Timeline to keep your new space within scope

Ergonomic Evaluations

Ergonomic seating planErgonomics are about the environment within which one works and how that person is able to complete tasks within it. The tools used by employees to carry out their job requirements and their ability to work within a space that is ideal for them to do their job are worth the investments because ergonomics are proven to reduce costs, improve productivity, improve quality, improve employee engagement and create a better safety culture.

  • Workstation set up for optimal comfort and performance
  • Proper office ergonomics suggested including correct chair height, adequate equipment spacing and good desk posture
  • Assistance with employee specific health related needs in the office environment

project managementProject & Move Management

Our project coordinators and procurement team have over 125 years of experience in fulfilling timely and accurate orders across over 500 manufacturers. This team brings a customer experience and organization structure that makes all of our clients feel confident throughout the process.

  • Coordinate with Sales and Design Team to verify product specifications
  • Communicate project status updates and coordinate delivery dates
  • Inventory of current assets followed by boxing and labeling before the move
  • Professional moving team to safely move your valuables
  • Project schedule to keep your move on track and minimize downtime

delivery truckDelivery, Installation & Reconfiguration

Our installation team has industry recognized, certified installers versed in every product offering. We have the flexibility to handle any of our customers needs and projects on short notice as well as longer term projects that involve special considerations.

  • Just-In-Time Delivery
  • Subcontractors across all states within the United States for Nationwide delivery
  • Inventory of current assets and reuse to reduce overall costs
  • Communicate project status updates and coordinate delivery dates
  • Conduct final project inspection for project completion

service personService & Warranty

Whether you have a small service need or a warranty question, our business matters to us that is why we extend our assistance beyond our normal call of duty.

  • Inspection and Service of warranty issues
  • Reupholstering of fabric panels and seating
  • Touch up painted surfaces and scratch repair



warehouse inventory personAsset & Inventory Management

Furniture is a considerable investment for any organization and it’s important that it is tracked. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Establishing an inventory management system for furniture starts with an active database.

  • Reusing your company’s existing assets
  • Analyzing assets to eliminate obsolete inventory and reduce storage costs
  • Assets fully protected and secured at all times in climate-controlled environment
  • Recycling if you choose to dispose old items
  • Pay for storage by square foot

lease or buy road signLeasing & Finance Solutions

Leasing provides a cost-effective alternative to buying equipment outright. In fact, today it’s possible for a small business to lease almost everything it needs, from computers to copiers to office furniture. Your line of business, financial situation, and equipment needs all play a role in deciding whether leasing is the right option for you.

  • 100% Financing to Maximize Capital
  • Cash Flow Flexibility & Accounting Benefits
  • Payment Terms & Structures
  • End of Term Options